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  • We all want to be pampered and look beautiful and confident. That's why Lux offers a range of beauty products with a wide selection of luxurious fragrances from exotic flowers around the world. Lux is now available in the form of bar soap, liquid soap, hand sanitizers, hand wash, and body mist to give you a luxurious fragrance all day long.
  • Since 1925, Lux has served women who are proud of their beauty. We not only offer quality beauty soaps at affordable prices but also continue to inspire women to express their beauty and femininity fearlessly, in a modern way.
  • Although Lux women aspire to express their beauty and femininity the way they want without the need to cover themselves up, this is far from the reality that women face every day. On the other hand, women are constantly bombarded with judgments that determine how she should live and behave. People around always argue about how women should express themselves.
  • Lux believed that a woman's beauty should not be determined by anyone but herself. Women should be able to express their beauty and femininity as they please, without feeling guilty. So, the moment of bathing with Lux can give women self-care time that can provide strength from within. This moment makes beauty a protector, a strength and ability to regain the meaning of beauty and fight discrimination against various societal judgments.
  • Lux will continue to help women everywhere fight sexism at home, at work and in society. It is our commitment to reduce acts of sexism and inspire women to overcome everyday discriminatory treatment through content, activation and collaboration.