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  • Buavita is a delicious and quality fruit juice, where each glass is made from 1 serving of real fruit and fulfills 100% of daily Vitamin C intake, ready to protect you and your family every day through nutrition from fruit.
  • Buavita started with a simple vision, to put fruit juice on every Indonesian dining table. As a pioneer of packaged juice in Indonesia since 1971, Buavita believes in the power and benefits of fruit to revitalize your health and immunity. By expertly processing fruits, Buavita strives to preserve the natural nutrients of the fruit in each package, making Buavita healthy and enjoyable to drink. Buavita believes, when you and your family's health is protected, you can enjoy life better.
  • Buavita provides protection for every Indonesian family through delicious, healthy and fun fruit juices, has protected more than 40 million Indonesians to stay positive and adaptive in facing life, and continue to strive for a healthier Indonesia.